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PS Waverley
Carisbrooke Castle
Isle of Wight Take A CLoser Look DVD
Ventnor Botanic Gardens

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Featuring my memoir about working at the ODEON CINEMA IN LEICESTER SQUARE 1967 to 1976


When I came to live on the Isle of Wight I was making films myself for the travel market, and I knew just who to contact at the Palace for the Queen’s permission to film her Swan Marker, and the Watermen, Dyers and Vintners. A Feather for The Crown is the annual Swan-Upping on the Thames.
My film Carisbrooke Castle, a 1000 Years of British History ends with Queen Elizabeth II. She has been my Queen all my life. My granddaughter said she wishes she had met the Queen. “But you have, Grandma! And I can hold your hand!”'

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